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Discover the Benefits of a Regular Massage

Physical Benefits:

*relaxes the body *calms the nervous system *lowers blood pressure

*reduces heartrate *slow respiration *stretches connective tissue

*reduces chronic pain *improves red blood cell count

*relieves tired and aching muscles *improves muscle tone * relieves cramped muscles * speeds recovery from injury *reduces tension headaches *increases tissue metabolism *decreases muscle deterioration * speeds recovery from illness * increases range of motion *speeds elimination of metabolic wastes *increases blood and lumph circulation * stimulates release of endorphins *strengthens the immune system * reduces swelling

*improves posture *improves skin tone

Emotional Benefits:

*reduces anxiety *enhances self-image *provides a feeling of well being *nurtures and stimulates emotional growth

Mental Benefits:

*reduces mental stress *promotes quality of sleep *improves productivity *induces mental relaxation

Email Jan today to book your next massage at and feel the benefits of a regular massage.

Live your best Life

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