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Personal Training

Janet Ellis

Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Cancer Exercise Specialist, Joga Coach

I have been involved in health and fitness for most of my life through many years of playing baseball, managing and training of young hockey teams, weight lifting and running. I feel there are so many different activities we can do to help ourselves and others to live happier & healthier lifestyles. So to make this dream of mine become a reality. In October of 2014 I completed my Canfitpro Personal Training Certification which gave me the knowledge, confidence & dedication to help people of all ages to learn how to live healthier and happier. But I felt there was more that needed to be done. So in January of 2017 I completed 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training, which we all know flexibility and balance are so important as we age and why not manage aging as healthy as we can. In October of 2017, I continued my training and became a Certified Life Coach. As we all know it’s living a complete life mentally and physically that makes life a little easier. In October of 2018 I took my Joga Intensive training which is designed for athletes of all levels to gain strength, balance, mobility and agility. Now as of February 2019 I have completed the Renew Cancer and Exercise Training Program for health and fitness professionals. Through this training I hope to help cancer survivors and cancer patients alike learn to gain confidence and trust that they can live healthy and truly be happy.

I feel we can always learn and grow at any age. So, if you have a physical or emotional goal, or dream for success, hold onto it and with a little help, let me guide you to attaining it.

You never know where it will lead you!!

I am very excited to be a part of the Beachwalk family Fitness Team!!

Janet Ellis

Focus on Happy and live your healthy lifestyle!!

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