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A Moment of Generosity

It is well to give when asked, but it is better

to give unasked, though understanding; and

to the open-handed the search for one who

shall receive is joy greater than giving.

-Kahliil Gibran

In giving it is a beautiful thing, but giving without

making acknowledgement or without praise is

an even bigger joy. Just seeing how wonderful

it can be to help another even with just a smile is

absolutely incredible.


Never be afraid to share your happiness with others.

Do you take the time to give just because?

Do you also receive well?

How do you feel when you make someone else's day?

My goal is to bring joy and appreciation to others around me.

If I can help you please come join my yoga classes either in person or online and feel accepted for who you are. No judgement, be your best self in your own skin.

To find peace and calm come check out my reiki practice at Balance Life Wellness Center in Essex beginning October 13th. Call or message me for appointments and details.

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