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A Moment of Generosity

Try to learn to let what is unfair teach you.

-David Foster Wallace

Do you dwell on what is unfair in your life?

Do you feel you deserve more?

Have you ever tried Reiki, meditation. Mindfulness Life Coaching or maybe a private yoga session?

Let's talk!

Mindfulness Life Coaching is a guide to bringing you back to what you truly what.

Meditation helps you to slow down and just breathe in the moment.

Reiki with bring you positive energies and release the negative energy you are holding onto.

Yoga is about feeling good you who you are right here and right now and learning to live your best life.

I'm here to help you find your true self.

I am taking appointments at my new office in Essex.

Balance Life Wellness Center

114 Talbot St. S.

Call or message me for details, and to book your first appointment.

Sending out sunshine and smiles!

Jan :-)

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