A Moment of Gratitude

I have often done the little I could to correct the stale trick of taking things for granted, all the more because it is not even taking them for granted. It is taking them without gratitude that is, empathically as not granted.

-G.K. Chesterton

It is so very easy to take the little things such as a simple sunrise on a cloudy day for granted, but it is more important to slow down and truly take in the simple beauty of it.

Do you find gratitude in the simple little things. Maybe in the smells around you, the clouds in the sky, a smile passing by, the snow falling, the flowers blooming, your heart beating, waking up each morning? These are just a few of the simple things I try to be grateful for each day. As simple as they might seem they are big things to me.

I'd love to guide you to your moments of gratitude.

Maybe it's through yoga and meditation, reiki touch or mindfulness life coaching.

Let me be your guide.