A Moment of Gratitude

Do not despise your own place and hour.

Every place is under the stars.

Every place is the center of the world.

-John Burroughs

Know that where you are right now is exactly where you are meant to be.

Be proud of where you are right now and who you are right now in this moment.

Learn from the bad times and make them good. Learn from the good times and make them great.

Life is full of lessons, sometimes we just need to slow down a little bit and be......


I would like to guide you in learning how to be.......

Reiki teaches you how to simply find peace and relaxation and be in the moment. It helps you to heal not only the mind but the body and soul.

Yoga is a physical practiced that allows our body to move in it's own form, and teaches you to go within the mind and let go. Be perfectly imperfect in each pose and each thought and be proud of you....

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