Daily Yoga Practice Benefits

  1. Yoga is Dedication

  2. Yoga is Self-care

  3. Yoga is Presence

  4. Yoga is Movement

  5. Yoga is Grounding

  6. Yoga is Inspiration

By creating a daily yoga you begin to see the benefits of feel good in your mind, body and spirit.

Yoga allows you to work through whatever is going in within your mind and body. It helps to bring you to a better more positive place as you begin to learn to love the person that you are without judgement, or criticism .

I'm here to guide you in your yoga journey to help you to Live Your Best Life!

Join my online yoga community at mbsbyjan.com and #namastream where is can practice anytime and anywhere that is most convenient for you.

Join my #zoomyogacommunity and practice with like minded and supportive yogis.

7 classes a week to choose from drop in rates and monthly memberships available for both online and zoom classes.

Stay tuned as the weather begins to warm up for my outdoors classes and mini retreats where we can spend time together and feel safe at a social distance.

I can't wait to see you on your mat Living Your Best Life!