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Each Yoga Pose Invites You to Experience Yourself

Every time you move your body into a yoga pose, you have the opportunity to experience yourself in a specific way, because each pose taps into a particular aspect of who your are. If it is a pose that you love, you may connect with your calm or energized self, or perhaps your curious or intrigued self. With a pose that is challenging for you, you may experience your frustrated, perplexed, or perhaps humorous self. The next time you practice yoga, try to receive each pose as an experience of yourself. Through your practice, your self-knowledge will grow and deepen.

-Yoga 365 by Susanna Harwood Rubin

The next time you step on your mat, let me guide you to your best self. Experience yoga and life with Jan on #zoomyoga or #onlineyogaclasses. Where aging gracefully is a beautiful thing!

To attend the zoom classes message Jan at

To attend and join Jan's online community go to the main page at and check out the #namastream bubble.

Drop ins and monthly memberships are available for both zoom and online classes.

Come celebrate International Women's Day on Monday March 8th in a zoom mini retreat.

Mindfulness meditations and yoga classes throughout the day.

I look forward to seeing you on your mat!

Live your best life!



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