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Make Yourself a Priority

Life is about making choices and Making yourself a priority. It's not about workout so hard you are not happy. It's about movement and feeling good in your own skin. What makes you happy? What movement makes you feel great? Is it a gym workout, at home workout, yoga, Pilates, dance, walking, running? Find your passion and do what you love.

For more Yoga come check out my prerecorded yoga and meditation classes. Join my online community at #Namastream in the shop bar at and also get access to Live #zoomyogaclasses.

If you are interested in more workouts please let me know and I can make a section strictly for working out at home. In January I am running a free Facebook group called "Make yourself a Priority" If you'd like to join please let me know and I'll send you an invitation through Facebook.

contact me at

Sunshine and Smiles:-)


Mind, Body and Soul by Jan

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