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New and Improved Zoom Yoga Schedule April 5th-10th

Did you know Yoga is an amazing way to clear your mind and move your body??

With Zoom classes you can practice yoga from anywhere!

I've made a couple of changes to our schedule this week, I hope you like it :-)

Join my Monthly membership or drop in!

Do you want to join for a few classes? 10 and 20 class passes are now available.

Monthly Rate: $40 Drop in Rate: $10 10 class pass: $50 20 class pass: $75

no expiry on class passes: All you need to do is notify me when you'd like to join a class.

Monday - 7:00pm Go with the flow

Tuesday - 8:00am Rise and Shine Yoga Flow

7:15pm Power flow yoga - this class is 30-45 minutes and we focus on core strength

Wednesday - 9:00am Go with the flow

Thursday- 8:00am - Rise and Shine yoga flow

7:15pm - Slow and Stretchy yoga flow

Friday - 9:00am - Go with the Flow

Saturday - 8:30am - Go with the Flow

Yoga is: Mind, Body + Heart

The Sanskrit work yoga means to yoke, to join or connect. We choose to practice yoga because it does more than simply stretch and strengthen our bodies. We practice yoga because we are seeking the experience of connecting our bodies more fully to our minds and hearts. Yoga offers us this experience of connectivity. Over the course of a yoga practice session, the opening of our bodies triggers a similar opening in our minds and a consequent opening of our hearts. In this place of openness, we are able to experience a deep sense of connectivity linking these three essential parts of who we are.

-Susanna Harwood Rubin

Stay Tuned to updates: Exciting new online and zoom Yoga platform coming soon!!

Book and pay for your classes, reiki, Indian head massage, meditations and mindfulness life coaching all at the touch of a finger!

Live Your Best Life with Mind, Body and Soul by Jan



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