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Reiki Massage

Heal your mind and body with Reiki Massage.

Self-care is something we often put off until later. Maybe I'll go when I have time? Maybe I'll go when the kids are gone? Maybe later seems to be a common occurrence.

Stop! waiting for that perfect time! Now is the perfect time to take care of you!

Did you know when you feel good, it shows on you face, how you carry yourself, how you treat yourself and others around you? Making decisions are easier when you are able to open your mind and have a calm clear mindset.

Come experience Reiki Massage and let your mind and body completely relax.

Location: Balanced Life Wellness Center

114 Talbot St. S. Essex, Ontario

Price: $50.00 for 1 hour

$60 for 1.5 hours



Note: All covid-19 regulations are in place and strictly followed

Our goad is to keep everyone as healthy and happy as possible.

Live your Best Life!


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