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Reiki Massage and Indian Head Massage


is a deliberate choice to gift yourself with the people, places, things, events and opportunities that recharge our personal battery & promote whole health- mind, body and spirit.

-Laurie Buchanan

Book your appointment for Reiki Massage &/or Indian Head Massage. Taking time for yourself will make you a happier healthy version of who you already are. It's good for your whole mind, body and soul.

Indian Head Massage: $40.00

Reiki Massage: 1 hour - $50

1.5 hours - $65

Location: Balanced Life Wellness Centre, 114 Talbot St. S. Essex, Ontario

Hours available: Monday & Wednesday - 9am - 5pm

Tuesday - 1pm - 7pm

Thursday - 11am-5pm

Friday - 12pm - 4pm

Saturday - 1pm - 4pm

Contact Jan at

Live your best Life!!



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