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September Yoga Schedule Coming Soon!!!

As we begin to move toward our new and improving normal with the schools going back to in-person learning, Mom's, Dad's, Grandma, and Grandpa's looking forward to taking some well deserved time for themselves and quiet houses. Let's not forget that we need to chart out time to sit quietly and to reflex on

what this past 17 months has taught us. We need to reflect on what's most important in our lives and that we've learned how to be together again and to truly enjoy the beauty of what's around us.

As things continue to open up and we begin to move around more freely please do not forget that slowing down and enjoying each moment has never been more important.

I am going off grid myself to enjoy a little down time and the end of our summer holidays. I will be off grid from August 20th to 30th. In this time I will be spending time reflecting on this beautiful summer and all the wonderful connections I have made and look to continue into the future. I've truly learned and of course am still learning how to slow down and not let technology run my life and not worry if I have a day of sitting and just enjoying a good book or maybe a good movie. It's truly the little things that mean the most.

I have to say spending time in nature with the special people in my life are the most wonderful moments I could ask for. Floating on the water, nature walks, yoga with friends both outdoors, zooming and in the studio are some of the things I plan to continue whenever possible and as often as I can.

On August 30th I am going back to school full-time to work on my RMT Massage Therapy Certification. But please know I will still be teaching yoga, taking appointments for Indie head massage and reiki treatments.

My schedule as of Tuesday August 31st for Yoga

Mondays - Bright Yoga Studio - Go with the flow is at 600pm please pre-register at

Tuesdays - Zoom class with be 30-40 minutes to get us up and moving 6:30am

Zoom class 60 minutes - Go with the flow 7:00pm

Thursdays - Zoom class 30-40 minutes 6:30am - Rise and Shine yoga flow

Zoom class 60 minutes 7:00pm Go with the flow

Saturdays - Zoom class 60 minutes 9:00am Go with the flow

Sundays - Zoom class 60 minutes 9:00am Go with the flow

Please contact Jan for details to join zoom classes -

Memberships available e-transfer to or go to zoom yoga classes in the shop button

Monthly $40 and drop-ins $10

Are you in need of a Reiki treatment or Indie Head massage please contact me to book your appointment.

Appointments will be available Saturdays from 10:30am -3:00pm and afternoons during the week as requested and availability of openings.

I look forward to a wonderful September with you.

Namaste !!

Life you best life!!


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