Take Time for You! Come Experience Indie Head Massage with Jan

Indie Head massage treatment offers a massage concentrating mainly on the head and hair. However, modern development now include work on the upper back, neck, shoulders upper arms and face. The aim of the treatments is to release the tensions that have accumulated in these areas.

Physical benefits may include improving the blood circulation, helping boost blood supply to promote healthy hair, encouraging the supply of blood for mind clarity and promoting healthy skin.

Psychological benefits may include the relief of stress, anxiety and depression which should help create a balanced feeling of peace and calm. It may replace any stagnant energy by helping balance the chakras and refresh and revitalize the mind and body.

Schedule your appointment please contact Jan at mbsbyjan@gmail.com

Cost: $75.00

Time: plan for 1.25-1.5 hour treatment.

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Appointments available in my home office or I can travel to you.

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