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Treat Yourself or Someone Special to Complete Relaxation!

Did you know taking time for yourself to let go and completely relax helps to relieve stress and anxiety?

Indian Head massage is:

Alleviates stress, stimulates the lymphatic system, relieves stiffness, improves circulation, eliminates dandruff, promotes hair growth, restores strength and shine.

Reiki is:

Promotes health and well-being, relieves depression, reduces anxiety, helps with clarity, improves self-esteem and confidence, strengthens intuition, improves sleep, balances chakras, helps with digestion issues, relieves stress and tension, helps with pain management, aids in life purpose discovery, helps in production and achievement of goals, heals past traumas, helps in discovering your spiritual path, helps lead to contentment and oneness, heals animals and plants.

Meditation is:

When you go within you feel peace because you are connecting with something that is a constant within you.

Meditation increases self awareness.

Your intuition is amplified.

It helps you to get in touch with your inner guidance.

Meditation helps you feel extremely centered, especially when all of the world around us is unstable.

No matter what is happening around you, you have a special inner home - an inner center that you can go to. You can rely on that center to feel calm, to feel safe, to feel stable, and secure.

Yoga Is:

Improves Flexibility, increases strength, improves posture, improves balance, improves lung function, cultivates mindfulness, helps with anxiety, slows the aging process, treats depression, decreases stress, improves memory, aids weight loss, promotes healthy eating, improves mental clarity, helps heart health, boosts the immune system, it's affordable, improves sex life, better sleep.

Appointments available in-person and virtually for both Yoga and Meditation sessions.

To book your appointment or gift certificate contact Jan at

Location: Balanced Life Wellness Centre, Essex, Ontario

price: Reiki - 1 hour - $50.00

Reiki - 1.5 hours - $65.00

Indian Head massage - approximately 40-60 minutes - $40.00

office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays - 9am -5pm

Tuesdays -3pm-7pm

Thursdays - 10am - 5pm

Fridays - 11 am - 5pm

Saturdays - 1-3pm

Office will be closed on Friday April 2nd for Good Friday.

Live your best Life!


Mind, Body and Soul by Jan

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