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What Is Yoga To You??

Yoga can have a different meaning to everyone.

Yoga can be for mental health, fitness, mindfulness movement, slow and stretchy, etc.

What does yoga truly mean to you???

For me I love to share my yoga practice with others and guide them to a place of self-caring, self-love, self-awareness, mindfulness movement, mindfulness thinking, non-judgement, non-criticism, being perfectly imperfect just the way you are. Living in the moment and in each pose. Sometimes it's a workout to help you meet your fitness goals.

Living life on my mat has truly helped me to become a better, happier, healthier, stronger person both inside and out. I have learned to respect myself and others in away that were sometimes very difficult for me. Life takes us in so many different directions. We need to learn from our past mistakes and challenges and let them be lessons to move on to a better future, by living in and enjoying each moment no matter what that moment happens to be right now.

Follow me on @yoga_janruth Instagram or on Facebook. Mind, Body and Soul by Jan

To practice yoga with me live we #Zoom live several classes per week. Pop over to the main page of for my regular schedule.

To practice with me on my prerecorded classes check them out as well on my website and #Namastream

Let me know what Yoga means to you and I'd love to see you on your mat!!

Stay tuned for outdoor classes coming soon as weather permits.

Live your best Live with Mind, Body and Soul by Jan


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