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Yoga and Meditation Online!

Practice yoga and meditate anytime anywhere with Jan at Mind, Body and Soul by Jan and #namastream

Practicing yoga daily brings you to place of peace and calm within. It let's you clear your mind and move your body.

Yoga has so many benefits. Whether you practice for 5 minutes for for an hours the benefits are wonderful.


Weight Reduction

Protects Spine

Improves Sleep

Strengthened Bones

Improved Digestion

Perfects Your Posture

Increases Blood Flow

Protection from Injury

Increased Muscle Strength

Life is clearer on your mat!

Drop ins welcome, Monthly memberships available. Pop over to my main page and shop Namastream in the bars at the top of the page. With your membership you are also able to join in on many #zoomyogaclasses.

Check out my schedule. #yogaforall #yogaforeveryone #yogaforeverybody #alllevelswelcome #nojudgementzone



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