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Yoga Is......

Yoga is not a religion.

Yoga is a science, a science of well-being,

science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul.

-Amit Ray

Do you have a regular yoga practice?

Do you believe in the science of yoga to clear your mind, body and soul of negativity.

I firmly believe that practicing yoga on and off my mat helps me to grow stronger both physically and emotionally. It teaches me to not judge myself and others down. That we are all here for our own purpose and

that is such a beautiful thing.

Yoga has taught me to not judge and put myself or others down for where we are in our lives right now.

It has and is always teaching me to be proud of who I am and what I am right here in this very moment.

Through yoga I am learning to be more body positive and to teach others to be proud of themselves and who

they are.

Yoga is for everyone and everybody and my wish is to bring that to as many people as I can.

Find and be proud of your perfect imperfections!

Join me online, through zoom or in person on your mat.

For details you can contact me at

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