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Yoga is: Alignment

Yoga aligns body, mind and heart. But to experience this degree of alignment we may need to begin by finding alignment within our own bodies. When we start a yoga practice, we begin to understand our bodies more fully: the way they move and their particular challenges and limitations. Once we gain a certain level of insight, we can develop a conscious bodily alignment that serves us, from protecting our joints and spine to noticing where we are tight or where we store tension. When we align our bodies in a healthier way, we begin to thrive.

Yoga 365 by Susanna Harwood Rubin

Do you want to learn to align your mind, body and heart?

Did you know yoga promotes healthy aging?

Come join my #onlineyoga and #zoomyoga community and learn to live in the moment. This moment in which serves us best and allows us to be completely present in our lives.

Pop over to the #namastream bubble on my main page and feel the connection and community we share. I believe yoga is for everyone and everybody. Yoga is truly for all people.

Monthly memberships and drop ins available. Gain access to all online prerecorded classes and all zoom classes and practice anytime and anywhere at your convenience.

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