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Zoom Yoga Schedule December 28-January 2

This week in yoga we will focus on "Letting Go" of 2020 and all of it's challenges and celebrate "New Beginnings as we enter into 2021.

This weeks schedule:

Monday: 7:00pm Go with Flow and Breathe Deeply

Tuesday: 7:30am Rise and Energize

Wednesday: 7:00pm Restore and Let Go! Restorative Yin Style class.

Thursday: 8:00am Rise and Celebrate the End of 2020

Friday: 9:00am Rise and Strengthen Mind, Body and Spirit as we Welcome 2021 with a Vinyasa Flow

Saturday 9:00am Feel the Love with a warm Go with the Flow practice.

All classes are included with your monthly membership of $40.00

or Drop in rates are $10.

E-transfer to your email is required for Zoom invitation.

Online membership on my Namastream also includes Zoom classes.


is the acceptance

of yourself!


(going inwards)

The fifth limb of yoga

Go inside.

Observe your thoughts,

feel Sensations,

and honour emotions,

without judging yourself.

Accept yourself,

in this moment,

And realize

you are enough.

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