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About Me

I am a Certified Life Coach,  Certified 200 hour RYS Alliance Yoga teacher and Canfitpro certified Personal Trainer

For Mindfulness Life Coaching appointments.

Please contact me by Phone, Text or Email.

Appointments available by Phone, Video Message or 

in Person.  In person sessions will follow the standards of Social Distancing.  

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”


 Be exactly who you want to be,  Be the woman who stands up for herself and her dreams.  Be the women who is proud of herself and proud to be herself.  Be the women who is strong and vulnerable; Wild and free.  These chains could never hold someone like you, I think it's time you finally break free.

          -Nikki Banas


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Maidstone, Tecumseh, ON N0R 1K0, Canada


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Monday:                  6:00 pm Outdoor Yoga - My front lawn


Tuesday:                 9:30 am Facebook Live Private group


Thursday:                10:00 am Outdoor Yoga - My front lawn/Facebook                                                                         Live Private Group


Saturday:               9:00 am Facebook Live Private Group

Sunday:                 9:00 am Outdoor Yoga @ Saddler Park Essex

Check out my Blog for My 30 day challenge and yoga classes.  

New exciting things coming to Mind, Body and Soul by Jan Stay tuned.

Contact me for details on the Facebook Live Private Group classes.  Also, you can check out my blog for the pricing and details.  -Jan



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